August 2, 2018 Music Video, Top Newz, Trending Blessed with lyrics Pellé Price hits the scene

Welcome back to the fastest growing source in the hip-hop industry and I have to say once again we have an artist with lots of talent.  Pellé Price is on the rise and his stock is going up.  Already his Instagram is at 4k+ followers in an area most Christian rappers don’t do so well.  Believe us when we say that this guy has bars for days.  Not only that but the fact of his rhyming skills are also on point.  It is even said that the upcoming radio station Ny2LaRadio may want to get him on the airwaves to talk a little more about GOD and his music.  We also think that Pellé Price should be on one of the best rap apps available called RapChat.  I am sure he can give a few artist a run for their money.  Getting into the single G CODE this is a HARD SINGLE!! You won’t even think that he is talking about GOD until you really listen.

“Should I bump this on the way to Church? I mean I need to blast this” – James (A&R)

Enough said about this song…lol.  Trust and believe this single is an A and as for a Christian single A+.  Maybe this song had help by a higher good luck to Pellé Price and his journey and we hope to see him at the top.  For now, listen to the song and let us know what you think.

Baron Sorrell